Alex & Helen - Real Wedding 6/6/16

A special thanks to Nolte Lourens Photography for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

This is what the bride & groom Helen & Alex had to say:

Everyone says that their wedding day was the ‘best day of their life’… ours was extended to the best holiday of our life with the most amazing day ever in the middle!

We chose Croatia for our wedding easily and as soon as we arrived in Hvar we new it would be the place for us. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful places we’ve been.

The day of our wedding was perfect. Everything was organised and planned to perfection, the sky was blue, the weather was warm, the sea was calm and 50 of our favourite people in the world had assembled in Hvar just to celebrate with us.

We had three beautiful bridesmaids with the most vibrant flowers to match the bright and colourful characters! The four girls spent the morning at ‘Please who is next’ having their hair professionaly styled and makeup expertly applied. After a morning of prettify and prosecco Nolte came to find us… looking quite warm and admitting that ‘the boys are very naughtly’. They’d obviously been having as much fun as the girls!

We finished getting ready at the hotel and had more photos on my parents boat, moored on the town quay just outside the hotel. Nolte definitely knows how to get the best pictures, effortlessly setting the scene and rasing a smile with as little as a raised eyebrow! Whilst the girls were having fun posing in the harbour a slightly less pleasant atmosphere had fallen over the courtyard at Sv Marak. Could it possibly be that the ‘Best Man’ had lost the rings!!?

After a fairly intense jog towards the Amfora hotel (near the villas where we were staying) The rings were found with a huge sigh of relief and the two very kind men in the magazine kiosk waved the sweaty best man away again.

The ceremony was beautiful, the overgrown stone courtyard, with our bright flowers and Lite Motive’s Ana singing and her partner playing the guitar. The words spoken by the Croatian officiate and translator were very special as were the two personally written readings.

After some celebratory bubbles and group photos it was off for a walk around the old town to get lots more photos. Nolte found beautiful moments around every corner to take photos that we will cherish forever. Hvar is not short of gorgeous backdrops and I feel like we made the most of them all. Even though strolling around hot town in the sun in a wedding dress might not seem like fun, it really really was!!

Then boats to Zori – simply the best venue we could have hoped for! The food and service were better than all of the Michelin starred restaurants we’ve eaten in. With the singing in the background from Lite Motive it was a meal that we wanted to last forever. But next was Dad’s speech, so cleverly written, a rhyme to describe our story with many guests invited to deliver lines along the way.

The groom and best man were actually nice to each other (and to me) in their speech, much to most peoples surprise! Then the mother of the bride conducted a game which was very much enjoyed by all!

The last official duty was our first dance. We must admit, we had practised, and were totally glad we had! We had sooo much fun bouncing around to You and Me Song by The Wannadies.

The rest of the evening was spent on the dance floor! Grooving away to the DJ and saxophonist – the saxophonist was one of our favourite highlights, it was impossible not to go crazy everytime he played.. we want to bring him home for every party we ever have!

All too soon it was 1am and time for the boat back to Hvar. What more can I say, THE BEST DAY EVER and so much more that we could have ever wished for.

We were lucky enough to have another day with everyone the day after our wedding. We hired big RIB boats and blasted of to Mlini beach for our Trash The Dress shoot. It was brilliant and definitely washed away the head aches! After jumping in the sea together with the bridesmaids Alex and I had lots of pictures taken under water. Swimming in my dress was a little trickier than I expected but I have my fingers firmly crossed and every faith that Nolte will have captured a few stunning moments in the sea and the clear waters of the Adriatic.

© Nolte Lourens Photography

Organiser – Vertigo Events – Anita
Photographer - Nolte Lourens Photography