The luck of the Irish...

The big day was set for Monday, a week away. Over 100 guests, all the way from Ireland, eagerly anticipating this very special day in this most beautiful of places. Everything had been planned to the minutest detail, and then they saw the weather forecast; terrible storms and rain were predicted for the entire day.

With it being too late to change the date, Zori decided to prepare for the worst and set up the reception inside. It was such a shame; the terrace at Zori has gained a well-earned reputation for being the perfect place, but Iva and Renato were determined not to let the weather spoil this wedding and made the necessary plans.

The big day arrived and, true to the predictions, it was grey and raining. Then came the tearful crisis call: the flowers hadn't arrived in Hvar. Iva leapt into action and with her usual indefatigable determination, made sure that they arrived on the next boat. Disaster averted. The bride was thrilled and told them that it was a good omen; she was convinced the weather would clear.

In the meantime, photographer Nolte was with her, getting the 'preparation shots'. They headed to the roof of the apartment for a few shots and as they stepped outside, the clouds parted, revealing a travel-brochure blue sky! The smiles in those photographs are most certainly genuine.

After the ceremony, the wedding party exited the church to find a beautiful sunny day. The only thing raining down on them were the fragrant rose petals thrown by their joyful guests.

The reception passed under equally beautiful skies until half an hour after the party left, and then the heavens opened once again.