Nerve-wracking rainy wedding reception at Zori

Almost every bride's worst case scenario that could happen on her wedding day is RAIN

While preparing for our last wedding of this season at Zori restaurant we spent days in the anticipation of the rain. To rain or not to rain, that was the question. At least at Zori restaurant.

The forecast was announcing showers and high probability of rain just about at the same time the guests were expected to arrive at Zori restaurant. Yes, Murphy’s law at its best.

The night before the actual wedding reception the whole Zori team has decided: that is it, we are moving the wedding reception indoors. We also presumed that the bride is probably not going to respond well to this decision as she was most likely dreaming throughout the whole year of a sunny wedding reception at Zori restaurant. 

On the wedding day we all woke up and started to work diligently at setting up the venue. We were happy with the final results and were quite looking forward to the guests arrival. It was already raining so we were quite pleased with our decision. We even thought that it would be cool for the guests to have the whole Palm terrace as a one big dance floor.

But somewhere in the mid afternoon the rain stopped and we got a call from the groom saying that he will risk it: we need to move everything outside.

Change of plan B to plan C: move everything outside to our Palm terrace. Everybody, from kitchen to wait staff went to carry the tables, chairs and decorations outside. Stress was at its highest point. Needless to say, we managed to pull it off.

All images by Nolte Lourens Photography

Shortly after we moved everything outside the guests arrived, the sun peaked through the clouds and the wedding dinner slowly began. Everything was running smoothly, everybody was happy and then in the middle of the dinner we saw the storm approaching. Actually that was one of the most beautiful lightning shows we have seen this season. Amazing spectacle that nature has prepared for us and that has gracefully bypassed us. We were just hoping for the best.

Luckily, our guests didn’t notice any of that.  They continued with their wedding celebration until the very end. Somewhere around  1 AM they happily greeted us goodbye. 

Zori has once again proved that we are prepared for anything and that with mutual efforts we can make the best even out of the worst case scenarios.